#CRY4Friends is a campaign to highlight the grief felt by young people when they experience the death of a friend.

CRY hopes this new initiative will encourage young people to share their memories and to talk openly about their feelings.

Every memory shared on Twitter and Instagram including #CRY4Friends will appear below

Happy birthday twinnie - life just doesn’t have that sparkle without you in it. We try, but we miss you so much. Time doesn’t heal - but the more time goes on, the closer we are to seeing you again bud 🖤 • • • #happybirthday #cry4friends #birthdayboy #forever25 #missyou
When somebody knocks at the door, + someone new walks in - I will smile and shake their hands, but you can't make old friends 🖤 • • • #besties #bff #dollyanddany #ilovemypals #ourangel #missingyou #cry4friends cardiacriskintheyoung #cry #cardiacriskintheyoung #brugadasyndrome #brugadasyndromeawareness Dolly and Kenny - you can’t make old friends 🎵
May 24th! I will challenge myself! I have a huge goal weight loss and a huge challenge ahead! Please have a look at the link in my bio #cardiacriskintheyoung #cry4friends #slimming #slimmingword #snowdonia #snowdon2019
1st run in almost a week.... Realities of being back to full routine after an extended Christmas break! How's everyone else's training going? #TH96 #TH96Run2019 #TH96Run #Running #Rochdale #Heywood #CRY4Friends #12aweek #Cricket #Charity #Fundraising
It’s two years to the night that I last saw my best friend and that this photo was taken. On her 24th Birthday it’s heartbreaking that instead of preparing ourselves for a Lizzie Nee cocktail of jäger bombs, broken arms and regrets that take you right into the next New Year we are lighting a candle in her memory. As sad as life is without this beautiful human being, the bright, beaming memories of laughter and love is the only thing that carries her with me everyday, helping to get over the great loss life is without her. Everyone in their lifetime deserves a friend as caring, inspirational and fearless as Lizzie. Because I am so lucky to have called her my best friend, sister and Queen. Happy Birthday Lady Liz our best woman forever 💚 cardiacriskintheyoung _lizzienee #cry4friends
Tonight me and my father attended a @cardiacriskintheyoung reception. For all of you who don’t know my amazing sister passed away 8 years ago from SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome) and there is 12 young people a week who die from the same thing. CRY has been an amazing charity supporting myself and my family and currently do a lot of work in screening young people to prevent this happening to other families. People aged under the age of 34 can have a free test if you visit www.myheart.org please, if anyone could spread the word of this amazing charity it would mean a lot to me and to many other families. #12aweek #cry4friends #cryresearch
Ryan and I were lucky enough to have won our holiday to Crete. As you may know we lost our best friend Dany in March 2017. Dan was 25, active and healthy-however he suffered from Brugada syndrome and a Right Bundle Branch block. These two heart abnormalities were picked up on an ECG in in 2009, but catastrophically for Dan, he was never informed, and the referral to a cardiologist was never sent. Over the years, Dan made 18 visits to his G.P complaining of chest and upper back pain. If you truly know in your gut that something is not right, never EVER stop pushing. Together, dans friends and family have since been working with the charity @cardiacriskintheyoung. Cry’s statistics show that in England, every week 12 apparently healthy young adults die from undiagnosed heart conditions. This number is unacceptable. They therefore provide FREE heart screenings all around the county for young adults aged between 14 and 35, the results of which are read on site on the day by a cardiologist and given to you, with further testing arranged if necessary. The CRY screening programme, the CRY Centre for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease and Sports Cardiology and the CRY Centre for Cardiac Pathology are just some of the ways this charity helps lead research and influence practise both in the uk and internationally. A year later on what would have been Dan’s 26th birthday his family organised a charity evening to raise money for CRY. One of the many raffle prizes was a weeks holiday in a beautiful villa in Kalyves, Crete. Ryan and I bought our tickets with fingers crossed. But it was a crowded night, so what are the odds-right? Well, we won! And we were able to take our family on a late summer holiday - all because of the love people shared with Dan. Whilst we were there we tied what has become dans symbol-a white feather tied with a claret and blue bow-to the trees outside the villa. He won us this holiday-so it’s only fair we took him along with us. If you are, have or know of any young adults - please PLEASE go for, or recommend they go for a screening. The test takes five minutes and can all be booked online. And quite simply, it can save your life. ❤️ #cry4friends
Paris 8th August 2013. I remember going on this holiday and we absolutely killed each other. Our first actual fight as friends. We fought over the stupidest thing: music. She was battling to play Oasis, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys and Elbow while I was going through, what my mammy called, a hellish 90s hip hop and 80s power ballad phase. It was really really childish and petty but we fell out badly over what music was played in our room. Until the last night. We were in silence walking down the hotel stairs, still fuming at each other. It was then that a really creepy old hotel assistant tried to take us to dinner, which sounds like whatever, fine, no biggy, but he was very insistent, pressurising and had tried to hold my hand on the sly. He was rubbing my hand behind his back out of Lizzie’s eyesight and continued asking us both out awkwardly. I froze with embarrassment and a little bit of fear not really knowing what to do. With one quick side glance evaluation Lizzie grabbed my hand out of his, said “we’re together on our honeymoon so no thanks” and rushed us both out into the street. The man was shocked. And we didn’t stop laughing for the rest of the holiday. Although the guy was creepy, and we had been so stupidly mean to each other over music, at the end of the day it didn’t matter, she was still there for me. She always knew exactly what to do and had such a great sixth sense for knowing when something was up with me. It’s still hilarious to me now and so is Lizzie. 💔🇫🇷 #Paris #bestfriend #CRY4friends #mywife
Raising awareness for #cry4friends as it’s really close to my heart and today happens to be #internationalfriendshipday, I am still amazed that CRY have came up with something so beautiful which will help so many people. It’s been 10 years since Liv passed away, I was only 16 and I was still so young to really grasp what grief was but it was so overwhelming and I feel as if something like #cry4friends was around then, it would of really helped. You never really imagine losing 1 of your best friends at such a young age - especially when she was 14, fit and healthy but heartbreakingly 12 young fit and healthy people die A WEEK!! Not a year but a week! It breaks my heart so I always try and raise awareness when I can; telling people to be screened etc like it takes 15 mins to have an ECG which could potentially save your life. Liv taught me that you never know when the last moment you will see someone will be and to not hold grudges, not to hold back because there isn't time for that. She is my moral compass and I find comfort in knowing she’s always by my side, probs rolling her eyes. She taught me to be everything I wanted and get everything I imagined and to not have any regrets. For so long especially when I was younger I felt so unbelievably guilty and as if I had let her down with some of my life choices but time eventually levelled that out, I just used to feel an overwhelming amount of guilt for being happy and doing things that Liv should of been doing and I honestly put it down to having dealt with so much grief and loss at such a young age. My friends always say that I seem dead laid back and not phased by much and truth be told it’s cos life’s far too short to be anything but happy and why would you wanna waste days stressing out over things that won’t even matter in a years time? Sound cliche as fuck but you will never know when the last time you may see someone may be. It’s why I’m constantly annoying my friends taking photos wherever we go but at the end of it all you have are photos and memories. Olivia was and still is one of my best friends and true friendship can never die. Missing you always x #cry4friends #CRY #cardiacriskintheyoung
Last year CRY launched our #CRY4Friends campaign to highlight the grief felt by people when they experience the death of a friend. On #InternationalFriendshipDay we're asking our supporters to share a memory and photo of their friend. #friends #memories #campaign #inmemory #bestfriends #friendship #friendsforever #cardiacriskintheyoung
Me and my best friend, my husband Rich. Miss you more and more every day baby, but I hope that our fundraising in your memory will help raise awareness and mean other people don't go through this heartache. The #CRY4FRIENDS is for remembering loved ones who have been affected by cardiac issues. Please feel free to use and look at CRY's page for more info! #bemorelikeRich #friendshipday #internationalfriendshipday #cardiacriskintheyoung